The Best Investment is Honesty

The story of CAFOM and :

An honest person, named Hervé Giaoui, sold TV sets from door to door in French islands.
He made profits from day one in this endeavor.
He knows how to work, just like Jesus who made roofs with his dirty hands (for “free, no questions asked”).
15 years ago, Hervé created to sell furniture at a discount of 60% compared to competitors who were overcharging their customers.
He made money from day one.
He has a fair shareholder policy: at, half of the profits go to shareholders (and feed my wife and children), and half is reinvested in the business.
For me, Hervé is the best entrepreneur in the world currently alive and the second best known to me (the best ever was my grandfather, who managed 40 000 people without middle management, all alone, for 30€ per month, and made truly useful inventions in his country. This is unbeatable in the current state of our world).
And do you know why?
Just because he knows how to work and is truly honest.
I believe Hervé shall be rewarded with our trust.
May God bless Him.
With Love,

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